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Help Mums like Erin enjoy more birthdays with their daughters

“Celebrate a birthday with someone you love. And make the most of every day you have together.”

That’s the advice from mum Erin, who’s deeply worried about how many birthdays she’s going to be around to share with her young children, Laila and Harlyn.

Erin, was diagnosed with breast cancer part way into her second pregnancy with Harlyn. After immediate surgery she started intensive radiotherapy the week after birth.

Erin’s greatest fear is not being there to see her babies grow up.

We desperately need more funds for cancer research. Your generosity today will help people like Erin and her family have more special moments to look forward to.

I’m sure you will agree that life is not about what we have. It is about whom we have it with. We need to find the answers so that the people we love who are living with cancer have the chance to share more birthdays with the people who love them.

Your gift to cancer research is the very best way to give families like Erin’s more birthdays together.

We all want more birthdays with the ones we love.

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