In memory of Kristine Carmody

By Ian Carmody

1948 – 2012

Kristine was a wonderful, caring person who loved life, her family, close friends and her pastimes. Kris loved and adored her two children Paul and Alison. She was thrilled to have both a son and a daughter. Kris was very pleased with Paul and Alison’s choices in Danielle and Steve as their respective wife and husband and came to love and respect them both.

Kris was totally wrapped and in love with all of her five grandchildren, Tom, Finn, Eric, Georgia and Victoria. She was so proud and flattered when Danielle and Paul named Georgia, “Georgia Kristine”. Her only great regret over the last months of her life was that she would not see them grow up and become fine people like their parents. Likewise, Kris was very close to her sister Diane and loved her dearly.

Her favourite places were Broome and Mollymook where she could holiday rather than travel. Kris especially loved Mollymook and it became her second home and a place she holidayed at many times with her husband, Ian, and with her children, grandchildren, parents and sister.

Kris had other loves as well. Tennis was a favourite and Kris loved to quilt. Tai Chi and reading were other activities she greatly enjoyed.

When Kris learnt that her cancer was terminal in March 2012 she was not deterred from doing everything she had been doing to help her own family and never once complained or said “why me?” Kris accepted her lot and continued to do the best she could for everyone around her to the extent that illness would allow.

There is a very beautiful and special angel walking the streets of Heaven today, and they don’t know how lucky they are.

In memory of that someone special, I'd like to take the opportunity to help our local Cancer Council support those affected right now by cancer and fund world changing research to help more people survive. I invite you to donate in memory of my special someone, so your gift can go towards beating cancer and helping those still affected by it today. Thank you.

Thank you to my Supporters


Ian Bruce Carmody

Still miss you so much darling.


Diane Falconer


Ian Carmody

Miss you evry day Darling.


Ian Carmody