In Memory

When someone close to you passes away, a donation to Cancer Council NSW can be both a meaningful tribute, and a way to express hope for a cancer free future. Whether you wish to set up an online tribute so friends and family can join in celebration of the life of a loved one,  organise a group collection in lieu of flowers or just give a one off personal donation, each special gift in memory of your loved one is a gift of hope for the future.

You can create a personalised online tribute page and invite family and friends to donate in loving memory of your loved one. These gifts will go towards research and support for those still affected by cancer, not only today but for the future

You can make a personal one off or monthly donation in memory of your loved one. These donations will go towards reducing the impact of cancer not only today but for future generations.

Many families request that guests make a gift to Cancer Council NSW rather than giving flowers at a funeral. If this is your preference we have a complimentary pack to assist you. The pack includes A display stand, a guide to help you arrange, collect and return donations, 20 ‘In Memory’ tribute cards.

To arrange an In Memory giving pack to be sent, please call 1300 780 113. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

To return the collection, simply post your envelopes to Cancer Council NSW, PO Box 572, Kings Cross NSW 1340. For any donations of cash please use the deposit slip within the pack and deposit these funds at any NAB branch.

Contact the In-Memory Team

We're here to help with any questions you have on making a gift in memory of your loved one.

  1300 780 113

Nikitas was 34 when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He passed away within four months of being diagnosed. Before he died, he always said how he wanted to help others going through cancer. The plan was once he got better he would find a way to do this. When he passed away we wanted to keep his wish alive. We started a fundraiser to help others in his name, and were blown away by the amount we raised and how many people wanted to contribute and help. It was amazing. 

– Irene, in memory of her brother Nikitas

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