Please make an urgent tax time gift today so people affected by cancer can celebrate more birthdays.

Please make an urgent tax time gift today so people with cancer can celebrate more birthdays.

Most people are giving $190 – please give what you can!

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This mum faced her worst fears…

Erin was 13 weeks pregnant with her second child when she woke up with a swollen armpit.

Convinced it was some kind of infection, she and her husband Sean made a doctor’s appointment.

After an ultrasound and biopsy, Erin, Sean and their young family were shocked to learn she had breast cancer. Worst of all, it was triple negative and very hard to treat.

Erin wept at the news. She was gripped by fear. Would her baby survive? What about her little girl, Laila? Would Erin be around to see more birthdays?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Australian women. Which is why Cancer Council NSW has made it a priority for research.

Your tax time gift will help Erin, and families like hers, celebrate more birthdays with those they love.

He ignored it for too long…

Brendon lived for over a year with a lump in his thigh.

Eventually, he mentioned it to his GP.

Unfortunately for Brendon, the lump he had ignored for so long was diagnosed as a soft-tissue sarcoma.

A husband and father of two, Brendon became focused on the future. He wanted to be there for as many birthdays as possible for his two young boys, Christian and Cruz.

Brendon’s condition is rare. And, the only way to ensure people with soft-tissue sarcomas have a future is through research.

For Brendon, this has been the hardest thing he has ever had to endure.

This tax year, please contribute to cancer research and give Brendon, Christian and Cruz the gift of more birthdays together.

Rylee’s been remarkably brave…

Nikki Rivett knows more than most that every birthday is a gift.

Her daughter, Rylee was only 16 months old when she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Now eleven years old, Rylee has had every treatment available to her—and not all of them were kind.

Rylee now has partial paralysis as a result of her extensive treatment.

Nikki knows that seeing each birthday for Rylee has been a gift. Recent research has meant that outcomes for her daughter have been better than they would have been just ten years ago.

That’s why we have to keep working. We have to keep supporting ground-breaking research and ensuring more families have more birthdays together.

This tax year, please give to Cancer Council NSW. Every birthday counts.

The future of cancer treatment is research.

With funding from Cancer Council NSW, Professor Roger Reddel and his team are changing the future for people with cancer.

Within only a few short years, patient samples can be analysed and then matched against a vast array of data—maximising the effectiveness of treatment.

By tailor-making treatment backed by data, patients will experience far fewer side effects and their treatment will result in better outcomes
Best of all, the process is fast, meaning treatment can begin within just 36 hours.

Tools like this are powerful game-changers for cancer patients. We need your help to ensure this happens.

Will you please donate this tax time, so exciting new data-based treatments can give more birthdays to people with cancer?