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Please make an urgent gift today to give people with cancer more Christmases.

Please donate this Christmas to help stop loved ones being lost to cancer!

Most people are giving $100 – please give what you can!

I'd like to add a little extra to help cover fees.

Our greatest hope lies in research

Hope is on the horizon.

Researchers funded by Cancer Council NSW are getting closer to making cancer preventable and treatable, rather than something that takes lives. There is real potential to significantly improve treatment of even low-survival cancers such as pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest of all major cancers. A major challenge is the way if often becomes resistant to treatment after a few months.

Dr Marina Pajic is determined to find out why. Dr Pajic and her team are using advanced genetic research "to understand the biology, the mechanisms behind treatment resistance so that we can find ways to overcome it."

Will you support promising research like Dr Marina Pajic’s?