In memory of Biju khalu Dora fuppi

By Sumaiya Ahmed

IIn memory of two special people, I'd like to take the opportunity to help our local Cancer Council support those affected right now by cancer and fund world changing research to help more people survive. 1 in 2 Australians are diagnosed with cancer every year.

I’d love there to be early detection of this disease, routine screening and support for the families after losing a loved one.

In 2019, I have lost two members of our family who both were diagnosed with stomach cancer. They were very special to us I would love to do this in their memory.
I have another aunt who is also currently battling cancer and would love to see a day where this disease is either curable or eradicated.
Your donation would be very much appreciated!

Thank you to my supporters


Noah And Zivah

Good luck and all the best! Good bless.


Ashfaque Ahmed

I am very proud of you Sumaiya. I hope we can get rid of this dreadful disease before it is too late.


Mushfeque Manzur


Nasreen Ahmed

I miss both of you a lot. May you have a very peaceful place in Heaven.


Ratna Islam

Well done, Sumaiya on an excellent initiative. Let’s pray that a cure for cancer can be found very near soon, In Shaa Allah.



Great initiative sumu!


Roshan De Zoysa

I hope this small donation goes along way ❤️




Rashmi & Rafee


Morium Khan

So much respect goes out to you for doing this Sumaiya, love. Thank you for your thoughtfulness


Anika Nayar

So proud of you for initiating this Sumu, hope eventually we stop losing loved ones to this horrible disease ❤️


Jeesan Hossain


Wahid Khan



Praying for health and prosperity for you and your family in 2020 and beyond.




Yana Hoq

Thinking of you and your family ❤️




Sarah Khan


Ron Irfan

Keep up the good work Sumaiya!